Build a Nest

Build a Nest

We would like to focus our efforts on Boldly Building a Nest for our current sister squirrels. Build a nest? You got it!

Many of the current students complain about the conditions of their dorms. We think this is a factor that contributes to low recruitment and problematic retention numbers. Additionally, the MBU Financial officer has communicated and the Board of Trustees confirms that the University intends to draw down the endowment by around 7% (probably about $2.5M) and use about half of that money to attend to the decaying buildings on campus.

Our plan is to designate Boldly Leads contributions to specifically renovate dorms where students in the residential college for women are housed. This will ensure students in the residential college for women will have clean, healthy, beautiful places to live. We also hope it will decrease the amount having to be drawn from the endowment (our “nest egg”).


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