2/3 Alumnae Event Update

Even more updated information about the February 3-4 events in Staunton!

We’ve had to revise our plans in order to not appear to violate the Campus Access Policy, which was cited in Chair Miller’s email this eveing. Although I feel the threat to have alumnae removed was vague at best, we want to make sure we do not ask any group members to do anything that could result in removal from campus. (Personally, I can’t believe I’m having to say those words about our alma mater.)

February 3, Boldly Baldwin will hold a series of events in town and on campus, in advance of the Feb. 4 Alumni Summit.

10 a.m.-noon. Come when you are able, stay as long as you are able. We’ll get organized for the afternoon, and discuss what we’d like to hear during the Summit. Location: the Staunton Public Library, 1 Churchville Ave. We would still like to send goodie bags to students on campus – it does not be a violation of policy to send treats. If the Board of Trustees feels differently about our efforts to support current students, that’s a shame.

We invite all interested students to join us off campus at Shenandoah Pizza at 12:45 or 1. This is a chance for current students to talk to us off campus, and for us to connect with each other. Cost: approximately $10 per person.

Following that, we encourage alumnae to gather at the coffee shops near campus – and for students who cannot attend to lunch to seek us out if you would like to chat. Send me a PM (I understand you may have some concern posting publicly), and I will make sure we have someone to meet with you.

Happy Hour:
We’ll host an informal Happy Hour at Sorrels Lounge in the lobby of the Stonewall Jackson Hotel, from 5-7 p.m. This is another opportunity for alumnae to connect with each other, and for you to connect with the members of the Boldly Baldwin leadership board who will be present. After that, we encourage you to break off into groups with your fellow alumna to dine in one of Staunton’s fine restaurants!

Saturday, Feb. 4:
Are you interested in gathering before we make our way to campus?
At 7:30 a.m., you have the option of catching up on what happened Friday in a few locations —
Amy King will be at Cranberry’s, 7 S New St
Michele Bronnenberg will be at the By & By, 140 E. Beverley St.
Malissa DeWindt McClintock and I will be at Farmhouse Kitchen & Wares, 101 W Beverly

We still intend to make our way to campus this weekend, and to press for the answers to questions we’ve been asking for months. We look forward to seeing many of you there.

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