Happy New Year! – Email Update 1/6

Hello and Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a happy and safe holiday.

Last year, the announcement that Mary Baldwin is going coed saddened and shocked many of us. It’s time to carry that emotion into the new year and convert it to action – by organizing, donating, and doing our utmost to ensure Mary Julia Baldwin’s legacy of women’s education continues at Mary Baldwin University for years to come.

How to Help

  • Pledge
    We encourage you to pledge to Boldly Baldwin.
  • Spread the Word
    You can help spread the word by sharing the news of your pledge on social media with the hashtags #boldlybaldwin and #boldfuture.
  • Attend a Listening Tour
    On Monday, January 9, the administration will kick off a nine-day Listening Tour for alums, which you can register for here. This is an opportunity to engage with President Fox and the Board of Trustees, so attend to make sure your voice is heard. The administration needs to hear we are not willing to accept this – and we’re willing to do the work to ensure Mary Baldwin’s financial stability. If you can attend one of the sessions, we hope you’ll stand up and boldly ask hard questions. We need to express both support and concern.We had wonderful feedback on questions to ask this week, thanks to AJ Townes post in our Facebook Group. We have compiled your contributions and will be sharing early next week in the Facebook Group.If you need to coordinate carpools and transportation to a Listening Tour event in your area, the Facebook Group is a great resource.

Stay bold, stay determined, and pledge #BoldlyBaldwin!

Wishing you all a #boldfuture,
Boldly Baldwin

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