It’s Time for Alumni to Recruit for Mary Baldwin

After many requests by our board, Boldly Lead is pleased that MBU has released their enrollment numbers for the current school year. While the Residential College for Women program numbers are far lower than we’d hoped for, we are pleased by the university’s transparency and look forward to seeing additional statistics regarding student retention and recruitment efforts.

Most importantly, we encourage the administration to allow alumni to assist in recruitment and fundraising in order to keep the RCW open and operational. We are one of the university’s strongest assets — there are few people better equipped to sell the uniqueness of Mary Baldwin than her alumni. It is time for the administration to stop disregarding our passion for our alma mater, and to begin working side by side to save the institution we all love.

It is clear to Boldly Lead that the main activity that will keep the RCW operational is an all-hands-on-deck approach to recruitment. The university cannot sustain the RCW without substantial increases in student enrollment and tuition payments. Based on information recently released by Mary Baldwin University, it appears their recruitment efforts are focused more on their graduate and professional programs.

The threat to our school is real, and it’s time for us to collectively step up. Boldly Lead charges every alumna reading this message to contact Clare Eakin, Director of Alumni Engagement (meakin@marybaldwin.edu), and Matt Munsey, Director of Admissions (mmunsey@marybaldwin.edu), to request information packets to drop off at your area high schools with their guidance counselors. Start with two packets. Drop them off. Request two more. Imagine the reach we will have if we each visit five area high schools.

Don’t stop at just requesting packets. Take a screenshot of your request email, and post it on social media with the hashtags #findingsistersquirrels #BoldlyLead and #alumniforMBU. Take a selfie as you drop off packets at area high schools. Talk to your friends with daughters applying to college about the benefits of attending MBU’s single sex program.

It is up to us, the alumni, to preserve Mary Julia Baldwin’s legacy and seek out academically strong female students to attend the college. Are you ready?

Need help with writing that email? Feel free to use this template:

To Clare Eakin, Director of Alumni Engagement (meakin@marybaldwin.edu), and Matt Munsey, Director of Admissions (mmunsey@marybaldwin.edu):

I’ve watched the news of plummeting enrollment numbers with concern, and would like to volunteer as a recruitment ambassador for MBU.

I’m able to contact (insert number here) area high schools in (insert place here), to deliver recruitment packets to guidance counselors.

Please let me know how to receive these packets, so that I can begin distribution immediately, as seniors begin applying to academic institutions for acceptance for Fall 2018.

Thank you,
(Class year, program)

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