Leadership Stories

Charly Gilliam (’08)

Charly graduated with a major in Political Science and minor in Leadership Studies. After Mary Baldwin, she attended law school at the University of North Carolina. She currently works in real estate law and volunteers with a women’s shelter. She believes in the value of her women’s college education, saying: :

“Women’s colleges serve the purposes of not just educating but empowering young women, championing them to become leaders in their communities and professions, to capitalize on all they have to offer. In our small classes at MBC, sometimes for the first time in young women’s lives, our opinions mattered, voices were heard without stifling, and everyone contributed value to the education of all. We developed confidence and character as women, and it was a truly transformative experience. I left campus upon graduation, like so many others, feeling that the whole world was at my feet and equipped to take it all on. MBC’s single sex education gave me that.”

Charly’s career as a lawyer protecting the rights of others grew out of her experience at Mary Baldwin.

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