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Francesca Rusk-Wallace (’97)

Francesca graduated with a Political Science degree and is now a preschool teacher with the U.S. Department of Defense Education Activity. She volunteers as a Vestry Member and Sunday School teacher with her church in Mount Vernon, VA. She articulates how important an all-women’s education is to her:

“I did not want to attend a single sex college. I refused to attend a single sex high school. I told my parents that this was the real world and I needed to learn how to deal with both sexes. And then the College Advisor at my high school in New Jersey told me he had visited a school in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, and he thought it would be a good fit. And then someone from Admissions visited my school and pulled out the Mary Baldwin coffee table book. And then I started receiving Valentine’s Day cards from Mary Baldwin…and scholarship offers…and more letters from my admissions counselor.

And then I visited the campus. And it was love at first sight. I remember moving into Spencer 3 in August 1993 and meeting my two roommates and all of the girls on my floor. 20 years later, we are now middle aged moms and wives, professionals and really adults. And those are some of the friendships that have lasted the longest in my life. Because Mary Baldwin taught me all about loyalty and love.”

Francesca is a beautiful example of how we can impact future generations through what we learned and the incredible culture we felt at Mary Baldwin. Join Francesca in donating to Boldly Lead!

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