Leadership Stories

Holly Wojack (’99)

Holly graduated with a Healthcare Administration degree. She is currently a Telemedicine Care Coordinator at Spruce Health Inc. After graduating from Mary Baldwin, Holly pursued a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. She now has 15 years of clinical experience as a Senior Surgical Technologist at the University of California San Francisco and other Bay Area practices. She continues her cutting-edge work in healthcare as a nationwide patient advocate and liaison to a network of talented providers. Holly’s passion is changing the delivery of quality healthcare through telemedicine innovation. In addition to being a leader in her field, she volunteers with Great Shape! Inc. which empowers families in Jamaica and the Caribbean by providing access to healthcare and education. Holly expresses how her experience at Mary Baldwin aided her:

“My years at Mary Baldwin were some of the most wonderful in my life. I have made years of memories with my sister Squirrels. I was able to find my voice as a woman in healthcare and continue to draw inspiration from a worldwide network of strong and talented Mary Baldwin Alumnae.”

What an amazing squirrel sister working to make lives better across the U.S. and the world! Join Holly in donating to Boldly Baldwin!

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