Listening Tour Part 1 – Email Update 1/13

Dear Alums, Friends and Allies,

This Monday kicked off Mary Baldwin’s Listening Tour. (You can watch Staunton and Richmond events via YouTube.) While many of us appreciated the opportunity to open a meaningful dialogue with the administration, we are still deeply concerned with the path Mary Baldwin is taking—and committed to making a change.

For instance, one alum discovered that MBU has not officially communicated the co-ed change to parents and prospective students for programs like PEG. If you didn’t get the chance to attend the Listening Tour, several alums have shared their experiences on the Boldly Baldwin Facebook group.

As alum Katherine McLeod wrote, “This is nothing but a strategic delay, a smidgen of stonewalling, and a side order of stalling.”

In short, the Listening Tour left many of us more unsettled than satisfied. So, what can we do?


As of this week, Boldly Baldwin, Inc. is receiving donations. If you made a pledge, you’ll now be able to fulfill it! Those of you who would like to fulfill a pledge commitment or #donateboldly may do so by:

a) mailing a paper check made out to “Boldly Baldwin Inc.” to 107 Tudor Drive, Winchester VA 22603; or,

b) making a deposit at any Wells Fargo location. Please reach out to a member of the Boldly Baldwin leadership team for account information.

We are working on an online donation form, but giving with pen and paper will maximize your gift by avoiding online transaction fees. Pledges of less than $1000 should be paid prior to December 31, 2017; pledges of over $1000 can be paid over a 3-year period.

At this stage, it is critical to lay a solid foundation of realized pledges. This will let us pay our 501c3 filing fee and cover the initial costs for an online payment system. We ask you to fulfill your pledges and pave the way for our success in 2017.

Volunteer and Share
Our Communications team wants to hear your stories and see your photos! Fill out this form to share your stories of your time at Mary Baldwin. This will help us publicize the benefits unique to women’s education.

We also want to make sure alums who don’t use social media are heard. If you are or know such an alum, this is a great opportunity to put those experiences into the hands of a communication team who will publicize them.

If you volunteer, share your reasons why. Post both on your personal social media pages and on the Boldly Baldwin Facebook group. As Brooke Shambley, who volunteers for @BoldlyBaldwin on Twitter, shared, “I volunteer because I believe that Mary Baldwin women are powerful….”

We must keep raising our voices, sharing our stories, and demanding the administration listen to us. Hashtag pictures, opinions, questions, and other social media posts with #boldlybaldwin, #boldfuture, and #donateboldly. Make your posts public, shareable, and civil.

Thank you all for your support. We have the utmost confidence that with your help, 2017 will be a big, bold, beautiful year for all of us, and women’s education at Mary Baldwin. For questions about pledges, gifts, or how to volunteer, please contact development@boldlybaldwin.com.


Yours boldly,

Boldly Baldwin, Inc.

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