Looking Forward


The Residential College for Women, the heart of Mary Baldwin University, will thrive and be a top choice for women’s higher education.


Boldly Lead, with the support of Mary Baldwin alumni, will ensure that the Residential College for Women of Mary Baldwin University thrives, that its students and faculty are supported, and that the administration remains transparent regarding the needs of the University.

Strategic Plan

In April 2017, the board of Boldly Lead met to develop and implement a Strategic Plan for our organization. We have outlined main areas that we can impact to support our vision and mission.

I. Support residential college for women students, faculty and staff to help RCW thrive.

II. Engage alumni in activities to increase support for a thriving RCW.

III. As investors in the health of the University, insist upon open and transparent communication from MBU around the strength of the financial state of the University and the health of the student population to include enrollment, recruitment, and retention.

IV. Establish a mutually beneficial relationship with key decision makers at MBU to in order effect change.

V. Build a healthy nonprofit organization focused on sustainability.

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