November Is Too Late, Recruit Now

The board of Boldly Lead is heartened to see the community update from Clare Eakin, Director of Alumni Engagement, regarding our request for recruiting information. We are glad the administration is listening to our alumni community, and are choosing to engage rather than continuing to ignore us.

Our major concern, however, is that a mid-November re-launch of BRAVO is far too late to robustly recruit for the 2018-2019 school year. By mid-November, high school seniors are applying to their school of choice — by choosing to re-launch a program that will take time for volunteers to complete, Mary Baldwin once again is behind the curve.

We have seen in recent weeks that enrollment is a critical issue for Mary Baldwin University – this is not a matter that can wait two more months. It is something that must be tackled immediately with a strategic push to recruit students, both from new and traditional demographics, who are competitive in their academic and co-curricular pursuits. We need to recruit and retain future squirrels who will thrive in class and on field.

Many of you have expressed concern about being able to recruit for MBU in an honest and authentic way in the coming months, and we hear you. The university is a different place than when we attended, but the young people who are there now and who will come in the future need us. While the buildings may be in disrepair and there are new faculty faces on campus, Mary Baldwin’s spirit is still intact. We will recruit in the hopes of stabilizing the institution, maintaining the small class sizes that allowed us to have direct contact with faculty, and rebuilding the sense of community that helped so many of us to grow into the sharp, forward-thinking alumni that we are today.

We challenge all alumni reading this message to once again contact Clare Eakin, Director of Alumni Engagement (meakin@marybaldwin.edu), and Matt Munsey, Director of Admissions (mmunsey@marybaldwin.edu), to request information packets to drop off at your area high schools with their guidance counselors. The next two months are crucial in the recruitment cycle, and we need to spread the word about Mary Baldwin far and wide.

**Please see below for an email template to help!

Hi Clare and Matt!

I’m excited to hear that you are open to accepting help from the many alumni who have offered. Is there a possibility of receiving the packets of information to drop off to high school counselors that I originally requested? I am concerned that waiting until November will be too late, as college fairs are going on now in my area. I would be more than happy to attend any college fairs your admissions counselors are attending in my area. I reside in (add county here), but could easily travel to (add the following areas here).

I’d also like to know whether alumni who have already completed BRAVO training will have to go through any additional training and if so, what the requirements are and when the sessions will be held?

[Or, if you haven’t done the training — I look forward to completing BRAVO training when it re-opens, so I can support the sustained growth of Mary Baldwin.]

Thank you!
[Class Year]

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